Why are pistachios always sold in the shell?

You might suspect that would make skinless pistachios cheaper. But if you look at the prices charged by retailers, shelled pistachios tend to be more than twice as expensive per ounce as those with shells, so all you save is the trouble of extracting them and paying a substantial fee for that luxury. In addition, pistachios, unlike most other nuts, are most often sold in shell. To roast and salt nuts such as walnuts or cashew nuts, producers must remove the shell.

However, a very high percentage of pistachios develop a natural split in their shells during the growth process. In fact, they've been bred for that because it means they can be salted and roasted while they're still inside the shells. That saves producers money and explains why shelled pistachios are more expensive. Shelled pistachios are inserted into the back of the rotating barrel.

As the nuts roll over the needles, they attach to the slit in the shell. Pistachios that don't have a split shell have nothing to hook the needle and therefore roll up the end of the barrel. In many countries, such as Israel and Russia, hearing the pistachio crunch was considered a very good omen. And in the Middle East specifically, they considered sound to be a harbinger of a happy relationship.

So naturally, couples would gather under the pistachios, waiting for those nuts to assure them that their relationship would be successful. In honor of National Pistachio Day, let's celebrate the versatility of this incredible nut with ten strange but surprising facts you might not have known about pistachio. It was at Wal-mart that I saw the unshelled pistachios that were on sale, but I could also have been in the supermarket at Christmas. The two cups of shelled pistachios in the eight-ounce bag turned out to be exactly one cup of ready-to-eat nuts.

The few pistachios without shells taste significantly harder than those without shells if left to sit for a day. When you buy pistachio kernels, regardless of type and size, the weight indicated on the label represents exactly what's inside. You can peel split pistachios naturally by placing your thumb nail between the two halves (inside the hole) and turning them over. In the case of Iranian pistachios, there are more than five types of pistachio kernels available on the market.

If you like to eat pistachio ingredients in your meals, desserts or ice cream, buying pistachios without shells can save you a lot of preparation time. However, since they do not undergo the peeling process, it is normal that they are less expensive than unshelled pistachios. In India, during the coldest months of winter, people binge on pistachios, which they call “spicy nuts”. Remember that the cost of shelled pistachios remains the same regardless of your hourly wage, as you don't need to do any work to remove the shells.

Because you know that you only pay for grains, not for shells or closed pistachios, which are difficult to open. Since a pistachio tree takes several years to bear fruit, only produces well every two years, and each tree produces far fewer nuts than other varieties, pistachios tend to be more expensive than other nuts.

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