Which country produces the most pistachios?

Countries by pistachio production, 911 worldwide, 829 tons of pistachio are produced per year, Iran is the largest pistachio producer in the world with a production of 337,815 tons per year, the United States of America ranks second with an annual production of 335, 660 tons. Pistachio consumption has increased in recent years. This has created intense competition for the production and marketing of pistachio. The main pistachio producing countries in the world are the United States.

The United States, Iran and Turkey, with 90% of the world share. Syria, Afghanistan, Spain and some other countries make up the remaining 10%. The United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran are world leaders in the production and cultivation of pistachios. The Republic of Turkey and the Syrian Arab Republic are ranked in pistachio production after the United States and Iran.

According to statistics published by FAO, the United States produces 406,000 tons of pistachios per year, making it the world's first largest producer of this product. In it, you will discover the most recent data on market trends and opportunities by country, the evolution of consumption, production and prices, as well as world trade (imports and exports). Many domestic and foreign producers, manufacturers, producers, exporters and suppliers of Iranian pistachios have created a competitive market. Iran produces about 172,000 tons of pistachios with shells in 340,000 hectares of pistachio orchards with shells.

As the country of origin of pistachio, Iran was the largest pistachio producer for thousands of years. A newly planted tree takes five to seven years to produce a crop, but it takes 15 to 20 years to reach full capacity. After peeling and drying them, pistachios are classified according to their open-mouthed and closed-mouth shells, and then roasted or processed in special machines to produce pistachio kernels. The best-known pistachio producers in the world are the U.S.

US, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan and Greece. Nowadays, pistachio-producing suppliers can sell pistachios in locations far from their production sites. Nowadays, the cultivation and production of pistachios in Iran takes place at lower elevations and produces a good harvest. Iran is the second largest producer of pistachios in shells and the main exporter of pistachio kernels (pistachio products).

The country lost the race to the United States due to heavy economic sanctions, but it still produces the best pistachios in the world. For example, the new cultivars (Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari) have a higher production efficiency than the older ones. Future production will consist mainly of Akbari (long pistachios), since the new plantations are mainly of this variety.

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