What should i do with pistachio shells?

These precious shells don't break down easily and, due to their hardness, they can take a long time to biodegrade in a compost pile and even more than 3 years to biodegrade outside. It is often recommended to crush them to break down faster, so yes, pistachio shells are biodegradable, but they take a long time to break down. Packed with fiber, protein and healthy fats, pistachios also contain a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Pistachio shells add volume to the compost, which helps with drainage and also increases your water retention.

You can also create other types of flowers with pistachio shells, such as cherry blossoms, lavender and small bouquets of tulips. Also note that if pistachio shells have salt, that can be harmful to the soil, as the salt kills beneficial microorganisms. One of the advantages of using pistachio shells is that they biodegrade and this means that you won't have to pick them up when you want to plant them again, but they will also prevent the plant from getting waterlogged. There are literally hundreds of ways in which a pistachio shell can be used in crafts if you have the imagination.

The first thing to do is wash the shells, this is because the salt in pistachio shells can hinder the growth of the plant. You can apply the pistachio peel to the surface of the soil or combine it with another organic mulch and then apply it. If you have children or you like to do crafts, rinse the pistachio shells and let them dry before setting them aside for use in your next craft session. The woody composition of pistachio shells makes them ideal for making useful things at home instead of throwing them in the trash.

Reduce the need for large amounts of soil by filling the bottom of the container with pistachio shells. But you can do much more with pistachio shells than simply compost them, and you can use them in a variety of ways in your garden, as we'll discover below. In addition to coconut shells, charcoal and sawdust, you can also use pistachio shells to light the campfire. Pistachio shells are hard and degrade slowly, but you can speed up the process considerably by shredding them before throwing them away.

If your pots look a bit boring, you can spice up their look by gluing pistachio shells to them.

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