How much should pistachios cost?

Generally speaking, there are between 180 and 200 unshelled pistachios in 100 grams, instead of 90 to 100 shelled pistachios. A pound of shelled pistachios would produce 2 cups (8.67 ounces) of shelled walnuts. That's what some nutritionists recommend to people who want to lose weight and who need to take care of the amount of pistachios they eat in a day. For example, every 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of shelled pistachios produce 48 to 50 grams of pistachio kernels.

It appears that unshelled pistachios have had their skin removed, while they are intact in unshelled pistachios. We would be lucky to find a sample of pistachio in which the grain represents 50 percent of the weight of the nut. Peeled pistachios seem like an extravagance reserved for investment bankers and derivatives traders. We don't need to perform this additional step for unshelled pistachios, which do not require additional labor from the buyer.

However, mechanically opened pistachio kernels may not be as large as natural ones because they are harvested immaturely. When pistachios grow in harsh conditions, such as extreme summer heat, the grain tends to be smaller and weigh less than the shell. Therefore, we can multiply a person's hourly wage by the fraction of an hour it takes to peel a cup of pistachios to determine their actual cost per ready-to-eat cup when buying the variety with the shell. While ready-to-eat pistachio kernels are handy, part of the fun of eating pistachios is opening the pistachio shells.

Shelled pistachios tend to be less expensive per unit than skinless pistachios, but shelled pistachios are cost-effective. And the grain or nut (part of the pistachio you eat) represents between 48 and 50 percent of that weight. If I am given the choice between pistachios with shells and without shells at the supermarket, I always choose the former. Pistachios with shells are great and healthy snacks, while those without shells provide healthy pistachio products.

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