Can you eat pistachio skins?

Once the shell has been removed, the inside of the nut is covered by a thin skin. The skin is edible, but when you use pistachios in recipes, often the skin is removed just for appearance. To remove the skin from the pistachios, first remove the nuts from the shells. You can't eat pistachio shells, hard ones.

It's too hard and can break or chip your teeth. In some cases, it can cause serious gastrointestinal problems. However, the case of fresh pistachio shells (the red ones) is different. So what do we know about the properties of fresh pistachio shells? At first, pistachio skin may seem useless and useless, and you can't do anything with it.

But it has some surprising uses. Most shelled pistachios end up being used for cooking and for making products such as pistachio ice cream. Ferguson adds that the use of pistachio as an ingredient in recipes is a growing trend in the industry. The results of this study showed that pistachio peel can be used as a cheap and accessible source of bioactive compounds.

Once the pistachios have been harvested, the shells must be removed and the pistachios dried immediately to reduce their moisture content from 40 to 50% to 4— 7%, which are considered optimal values to prevent the proliferation of fungi (. Once peeled, pistachios have a thin skin on the nut that sometimes needs to be removed to make a recipe. Small stones and pebbles are common materials for draining pots; however, pistachio shells offer advantages compared to these materials. But why isn't this the case with pistachios? Pistachio must be processed within 24 hours after harvest to prevent moisture from being trapped in the shell, causing stains on the hard shell of the pistachio (.

I especially love the importance of pistachios in Iranian homes, where there is always a cup ready to share with family and friends. According to the University of California, 70 to 90 percent of pistachios acquire a natural split in their shells during the development process. You can use the same visual indication principles when you eat all kinds of foods, from chicken wings to shelled peanuts, to help you control portions. Pistachios are very special when it comes to nuts; in fact, they could even be considered the most “real” nuts of all nuts.

Pistachio oil is a desirable moisturizer, absorbs quickly and does not adhere, and is a good choice for facial and body massage. After harvesting machines remove those pistachios from the trees, they can be salted and roasted while they are still inside the shells, since that natural crack allows heat and salt to enter the nut, eliminating a step in the industrial process and saving processors some money. The pistachio shell has medicinal and commercial properties that can be used well in industry to earn a good income. Pistachio, walnut, hazelnut and almond shells are among the products consumed as fuel in countries such as Turkey and there are good customers for this product, which is a by-product of pistachio.

However, this waste must be a source of extractable compounds and not be consumed directly and, to be used, it must be converted into a fine powder and (. Native to the Middle East, pistachio (Pistacia vera) is a long-lived desert plant that produces clusters of small reddish drupes. Pistachio shells are hard and degrade slowly, but you can speed up the process considerably by shredding them before throwing them away.

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